Patient masking guidelines

Wearing a mask is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). At Stanford Health Care, our highest priority is the health of our patients and staff. To this end, everyone is required to wear a mask while visiting our facilities.

May 5 - Drawing on humor to spread the COVID-prevention message

A former ballerina, Maya Adam, MD, learned some valuable lessons on the stage that she is now applying in the global fight against COVID-19. She's incorporated those lessons into her six wildly popular videos that use music, animation and a bit of humor to entertain and enlighten audiences about the dreaded disease.

April 16 - Video- Walk With Me: MD Students Find Insight with Patients
Stanford School of Medicine has brought patients into the classroom for at least a decade. With a new class entitled "Walk With Me," patients now join first-year medical students as partners for the duration of the nine month curriculum to explore their individual perspectives and gain unique insights from both sides.

April 16 - Tracking COVID-19 in Pac-12 athletes using smartwatches
Last spring, researchers from Stanford Medicine, Fitbit and Scripps Research Institute launched a study to help improve prediction and detection of COVID-19 cases through smartwatch data. Now, Michael Snyder, PhD, chair of the Department of Genetics and wearables enthusiast, and his lab are working with the Pac-12 Conference and Fitbit to provide smartwatches to 1,000 student-athletes.

April 13- Updated Vaccination FAQs 

Visit the COVID-19 Vaccine Resource website for expert answers to the most frequently asked questions such as those below:

  • Why is there a pause on distributing the Johnson & Johnson/Janssen vaccine?  
  • I already received the Johnson & Johnson/Janssen vaccine. Should I be concerned?

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