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MD Program

MD Program Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate and inspire leaders in medicine and science who will improve human health through discovery, innovation, scholarship, education, and the delivery of outstanding patient-centered care.

Only at Stanford

Stanford School of Medicine offers a one-of-a-kind environment for the education and training of leaders in medicine. Our unique offerings include:

  • A flexible MD curriculum with multiple learning pathways
  • A diversity of clinical and leadership opportunities within and outside of Stanford
  • A wide range of dual degree opportunities at the medical school and schools across Stanford University
  • Subsidized dual degree programs for students who also want to complete a PhD degree at Stanford
  • A strong sense of community with an intimate cohort size of 90-100 students
  • A co-location with other schools at Stanford University and a beautiful campus embedded in Silicon Valley, the country's innovation center

The Stanford Affirmation

Our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and societal citizenship is evident in the Stanford Affirmation 


"On my admission to the Practice of Medicine

I pledge to devote my life to the service of humanity.

The care of my patients will be my first consideration.

I will strive to acquire and share new knowledge with my colleagues and my patients;

I will practice my profession with conscience and dignity, and to the best of my ability and judgment.

I will approach each patient with charity, attention, humility, and commitment;

I will hold all life dear, and let knowledge, wisdom, courage, and compassion guide my therapy;

I will use my medical knowledge and skills to promote human rights, social justice, and civil liberties;

I will not permit considerations of age, disease or disability, faith, ethnic origin, gender identity, nationality, race, sexual orientation, social standing or other forms of discrimination to intervene between my duty and my patient;

I will respect the confidences with which I will be entrusted;

I will give gratitude and respect to those from whom I have learned my Science and my Art;

I will uphold the integrity of the medical profession;

I will cultivate peace in both personal conduct and political expression;

I will not use my knowledge contrary to the spirit of this Affirmation.

I make these promises in witness of those who have stood here before me, and those will come after,

Solemnly, freely, and upon my honor."


Based on the Declaration of Geneva, as modified by the graduating class of 1990 and revised in 2008

MD Admissions

Medical Scientist Training Program