How to Apply for Berg Scholars Program Participation

Interested candidates should send email to to state their interest in applying for participation. Candidates are strongly encouraged to meet regularly with the program director, Dr. Utz, to develop their applications and career development plan, as early as the first quarter of medical school. Dr. Utz will help with preparing and reviewing the application prior to official submission, and will also help with preparing for the oral presentation to the Berg Scholars Selection Committee.

The Berg Scholars Program application period is open to Stanford MD program students who are approved for the split curriculum and who are at the end of their second year.  Application submission and reviews, interviews, oral presentation, and program acceptance will occur early Autumn Quarter of the third year.

Specific Instructions for 2020 Berg Scholars Applicants:

Ordinarily, we would ask that paper copies of the following items be provided to each member of the Committee. However, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, all submissions will be done electronically and can be sent directly to Dr. Utz.

The Berg Scholars Program application requirements and process includes:

  • Research proposal, no longer than 5 pages total, single-spaced, Arial 12 font, and 1/2 inch margins. Suggested format should follow the format taught in INDE 267:
    • Hypothesis and Specific Aims (1 page, typically no more than 2-3 aims)
    • Significance (~1/4-1/3 page)
    • Innovation/Impact (1/4-1/3 page)
    • Research Design and Methods (~3-4 pages, including background and preliminary data), for each aim:
      • Hypothesis and Rationale
      • Research Design and Methods
      • Expected Outcomes, Pitfalls, and Alternative Strategies
    • Gantt chart for Year 3 and Berg Scholars Year (Dr Utz will help you with developing this timeline) (~1/3 page)
    • References are not included in the page limits
  • Permission to access a copy of your AMCAS application that is on file in the School of Medicine
  • A letter of recommendation from the proposed mentor
  • Statement briefly describing each of these items (limited to 1 page total for all 3 topics):
    • Motivation for a physician scientist career and Berg Scholars in particular (~1/3 page)
    • Planned coursework (if any) other than courses required for all Berg Scholars
    • Faculty who will serve on Berg Scholars Research Progress Committee (Composed of Research Mentor, Dr. Utz, and at least one additional senior Faculty member)


Berg Scholar applicants will be required to orally present their research proposal to the Berg Scholars Selection Committee in person early in fall quarter, followed by a question and answer period. Dr. Utz will contact your E4C Faculty Advisor, your Advising Dean, and the Registrar to insure you are in good academic standing at the time of application.








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