Section 3: MD Requirements and Procedures

In this section:

3.1.  Academic Records Privacy of Student Information, and Consent to Use of Photographic Images

3.2.  Registration and Study Lists

3.3.  Data Security and Privacy (HIPAA) Training

3.4.  Definition of Medical Student Practice Role

3.5.  Disability Accommodations

3.6.  Ethical Conduct of Biomedical Research

3.7.  Evaluation Completion Requirements

3.8.  Industry Interactions Policy

3.9.  Leaves of Absence, Discontinuation and Reinstatement

3.10.  Malpractice Liability for Medical Students

3.11.  Medical Health Requirements and Immunizations

3.12.  Policies and Resources for Device Encryption, Security and Use

3.13.  Respectful Educator and Mistreatment Policy

3.14.  Safety Training

3.15.  Stanford Medicine Policy for the Removal and Transport of Phi

3.16.  Stanford University School of Medicine Education Research Policy

3.17.  Stepping Out of the MD Curriculum Sequence

3.18.  Student Duty Hours and Work Environment

3.19.  Student Participation in Clinical Activities Involving Personal Risk

3.20.  Surgical Procedures for Medical Students

3.21.  Universal Precautions and Needlestick Protocol

3.22.  USMLE Requirements: Step 1, Step 2 CK and Step 2 CS

3.23.  Stanford Hospital Computer Access for Medical Students (EPIC)

3.24.  School of Medicine Learning Spaces

3.25.  Absence Policy and Expectations

3.26.  N95 Respirator Mask Fit Requirements for Medical Students

3.27.  School of Medicine Dress Code Guidelines for the Clinical Setting

3.28.  School of Medicine Criminal Background Check Policy

updated August 2020