3.17: Stepping Out of the MD Curriculum Sequence

In addition to the official Leave of Absence procedures that must be followed that are outlined in Section 3.9, students planning to step out of the MD curriculum sequence are required to notify key MD stakeholders by completing the "Intention to Step Out of MD Curriculum" form, available online, in order to track academic progress. The form requires that students discuss their plans with their assigned Advising Dean and Educators-4-CARE faculty and the information will be shared with the Assistant Director for Medical Student Research and Scholarship to ensure that academic requirements have been met and a plan for re-entry into the MD curriculum is established. Please note that this does not apply to medical students wishing to “split” the required pre-clerkship curriculum.

Clinical Skills and Acquisition Maintenance Plan for Non-MSTP Students

The Committee on Curriculum and Academic Policy (CCAP) adopted in the fall of 2009 a policy that “each student [leaving the curriculum for one year or more] be required to develop and document a Clinical Skills Acquisition and Maintenance Plan (with the assistance of a faculty advisor and E4C faculty mentor) to maintain and refresh their clinical skills before they step out from the curriculum, even though each such plan might not be the same for every student.

MSTP Clinical Skills Acquistion, Maintenance and Reentry Plan

Students enrolled in the MSTP program require a more detailed Clinical Skills Plan due to their extended time out of the MD curricular sequence. They meet regularly with their MSTP Director Advisor to plan reentry to the M3/M4 training sequence. Please complete the "Intention to Step Out of MD Curriculum" online form in order for the School of Medicine Registrar to track academic progress. See the MSTP Student Handbook (available on the MSTP Internal web page) for more detailed information.

updated August 2020