4.3: Academic Requirements for Graduation

In addition to satisfying the MD Requirements and Procedures, students must also meet the requirements below. The MD Program reserves the right to make changes to the academic requirements, teaching modality, and required schedule at any point to ensure that all competencies and objectives are being met by medical students. In response to the ongoing COVID crisis, changes may need to be made to the required units, format, schedule, assessments, policies and procedures to quickly respond to the changing learning environment without notice. All changes will be communicated to medical students in a timely manner.

Pre-clerkship Curriculum

  • Students must successfully complete all required courses (See below for required courses/units by academic year).
  • In the first year of the pre-clerkship curriculum, students (matriculating Academic Year 2019-20 or later) are expected to complete the Early Clinical Engagement requirement. There are several ways in which to satisfy this requirement:
    • Enroll in INDE 268: Early Clinical Engagement (must commit to course by Autumn quarter add/drop deadline, participate in the course in Autumn, Winter, and Spring, and enroll in the Spring) OR
    • Enroll in INDE 290: Walk With Me (must commit to course by Autumn quarter add/drop deadline) OR
    • Enroll in PEDS 281: PALS + attend all the INDE 268 didactic sessions throughout the year OR
    • Enroll in FAMMED 280: Student Community OutReach and Physician Support (S-CORPS)
  • Students may not graduate with any uncorrected failing grade in a pre-clerkship course.
  • Students may graduate with one uncorrected marginal pass in a pre-clerkship course of four or fewer units.

Clerkship Curriculum

  • Students must successfully complete 64 weeks (minimum of 96 units) of clinical training (See below for required clerkships and units by academic year). Note: The total number of units required to graduate is subject to change dependent upon individual clerkship length.
  • Students may not graduate with any uncorrected failing or marginal pass grade in clinical clerkships.

Additional Requirements

  • MED 295 Certification in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) – 2 units
  • INDE 297 Reflection and Contexual Medicine (formerly RRAP) – 4 units
  • Scholarly Concentration – Completion of 12 units of coursework and other requirements of a Scholarly Concentration
  • Demonstration of at least minimum competency in the Clinical Performance Examination (CPX) Series
  • United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) requirements
  • Satisfactory completion of a minimum total of 130 weeks of training. Note: Required academic unit totals may vary based on matriculation year.

updated October 2020