4.10: Dropping Clerkships Less than Three Weeks Before Start of Period

Students are required to make clerkship scheduling changes a minimum of three weeks prior to the beginning of the clerkship period. This ensures that students on the waitlist for that period can be accommodated and that clerkship directors can plan patient care and educational activities. Failure to adhere to this policy raises concerns about the professional conduct of a student. Not exercising the forethought and/or planning to drop prior to the deadline may put at risk the ability for the student to receive a pass with distinction for professionalism on that particular core clerkship. Students who fail to report for the first day of a clerkship, or drop a clerkship within three weeks prior to the start date without permission, will be scheduled to appear before the Committee on Performance, Professionalism and Promotion (CP3). Among other potential consequences, if there is a second occurrence of a late drop or other evidence of unprofessional conduct, a notation to that effect will be included in the student’s Medical School Performance Evaluation (MSPE).

updated August 2020