Essential Information, Tools, and Forms

  • CBES Essentials
  • Summary of Criteria for Pass and Pass with Distinction
  • Clerkship Evaluation & Narrative Appeal Policy
  • (See MD Program Handbook for additional details)
  • Some students will appeal their final clerkship grades and/or the content of their narrative evaluations.
  • According to the SOM policy on evaluation appeals, the process begins with a discussion between the student and the clerkship director or Advising Dean.
  • Unresolved disagreements are referred to the Clerkship Evaluations Committee (CEC).
  • RIME Stage Descriptions
  • Adapted from Pangaro & Holmboe, Evaluation Forms and Global Rating Scales, in Holmboe & Hawkins eds., Practical Guide to the Evaluation of Clinical Competence, Mosby 2008 p 40.