MD Program Teaching Awards

The MD Program Teaching Awards honors faculty, residents, students and staff who have

made outstanding contributions to medical student education.

2019 Teaching Award Recipients

Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation Teaching Award for Outstanding and Innovative Contributions to Medical Education

Rebecca Blankenburg

Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation Award for Preclinical Teaching

Ann Chuang

Pedram Fatehi

Beth  Martin-Kool

Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation Award for Excellence in Clinical Teaching

Aleah Brubaker

Lucas Kipp

Tsuyoshi Mitarai

Outstanding Lecture/Presentation

Dean Winslow

Teaching Assistant Award

Michelle Drews

The Arthur L. Bloomfield Award In Recognition of Excellence in the Teaching of Clinical Medicine

Anna Finley Caulfield

Olivia Lee

Paul Mohabir

Outstanding Community Clinic Preceptor, Pre-Clinical Instruction

Peter Fay

Outstanding Community Clinic Preceptor, Clinical Instruction

Howard Chiou

The Alwin C Rambar-James BD Mark Award for Excellence in Patient Care

Dean Winslow

Franklin G. Ebaugh, Jr. Award for Excellence in Advising Medical Students

Lars Osterberg

The Lawrence H. Mathers Award for Exceptional Commitment to Teaching and Active Involvement in Medical Student Education

Veronica Santini

Award for Excellence in Promotion of the Learning Environment and Student Wellness

Tracy Rydel

Award for Excellence in Promotion of Humanism

Laurel Braitman

Veronica Santini

Erika Schillinger

Award for Excellence in Promotion of Diversity and Societal Citizenship

Sandrene Cassells

Richard Sapp

Medical Education Staff Service Award

Maria  Alfonso

The Arnold P. Gold Foundation Award for Humanism and Excellence in Teaching (Residents)

Jessica  Bentzley

Rishi Bhatnagar

Howard Chiou

Robert Tyler Payne

Surbhi Singhal

Prateek Thatikunta

Gold Humanism Honor Society Inductees

Julie Barzilay

Sophia Bechek

Kathrine Casillas

Jeffrey Edwards

Daniel Greenberg

Michelle Han

Kristie Hsu

Elizabeth Hyde

Eli Johnson

Kevin Li

Paloma Marin Nevarez

Jessica  Pullen

Michael Richardson

Yekaterina Shpanskaya

Rosa Yu


Special Thanks

Teaching Awards Student Selection Committee Members

Sophia Bechek, Zainub Dhanani, Katie Dickerson,Jeffrey Kwong, Kiley Lawrence, Tara Murty,  Jassi Pannu, Mary-Grace Reeves, William Shi, Georgia Toal



Nominations for Teaching Awards

Thank you for taking this opportunity to acknowledge instructors who have made an important contribution to your medical education. Every faculty member or instructor who is nominated will receive a letter of recognition that is personalized with comments from the nomination forms. A copy of the recognition letter will also be sent to the faculty member’s department chair.