OME - Contacts

Faculty Leadership

Daniel Bernstein, MD

  • Associate Dean for Curriculum and Scholarship
  • (650)723-7913
  • Responsible for developing, implementing and overseeing the undergraduate medical curriculum and student research and scholarship
  • Supports faculty development activities and ensures high quality teaching
  • Chairs the Committee on Curriculum and Academic Policy (CCAP)

Preetha Basaviah, MD

  • Assistant Dean, Pre-Clerkship Education
  • (650)724-9621
  • Oversees the pre-clerkship curriculum
  • Chairs the Pre-Clerkship Course Directors' committee

Tracy Rydel, MD

  • Assistant Dean, Clerkship Education
  • (650)723-9621
  • Oversees the clerkship curriculum
  • Chairs the Required Clerkship Directors' committee

Lars Osterberg, MD

  • Program Director, Educators-4-CARE
  • Co-Director, Teaching and Mentoring Academy
  • (650)723-1536
  • Oversees the Educators-4-CARE program
  • Co-directs the Teaching and Mentoring Academy

Laurence Baker, PhD

  • Director, Medical Student Research and Scholarship
  • (650)723-4098
  • Oversees the Scholarly Concentration and Medical Scholars programs
  • Chairs the Scholarly Concentration Directors' committee

Administrative Oversight

Cynthia A. Irvine, M.Ed.

  • Associate Dean, Office of Medical Education
  • (650)723-1330
  • Oversees staff, financial and operational management for the MD curriculum
  • Oversees compliance with LCME standards for the educational program

Nikia Earls

  • OME Program Coordinator
  • (650)498-7581
  • Provides administrative support to leadership of the Office of Medical Education
  • Provides programmatic support for the activities of the Office of Medical Education

Brian Herman, MPA

  • Associate Director for Educational Standards
  • (650)725-4677
  • Manages compliance with and documentation of education-related LCME standards
  • Oversees affiliations/contracts with clinical training sites

Irina Russell, PhD

  • Director of Education Analytics
  • (650)736-2055
  • Oversees curriculum management system (Ilios)
  • Conducts research on curricular initiatives

Clinical Outreach and Education

Belinda Hernandez, MSW, EdD

  • Managing Director, Cardinal Free Clinics
  • (650)723-6675
  • Provides operations administration for the Cardinal Free Clinics
  • Supports student learning related to clinic operations and management

Sara Duran

  • Cardinal Free Clinics Education and Operations Coordinator
  • (650)725-5892
  • Provides administrative and operational support to faculty, staff, and students working and volunteering at the Cardinal Free Clinics
  • Assists in the coordination of curriculum and programs related to the educational experiences of Stanford students volunteering with the CFC program
  • Coordinates logistics for outreach activities, meetings, and events

MD Curriculum

Bahij Austin

  • Assistant Dean for Curricular Affairs
  • (650)725-2973
  • Oversees policies and procedures related to the required curriculum; manages the Committee on Curriculum and Academic Policy
  • Administrative oversight of curriculum re-design and implementation
  • Administrative Director for the Educators-4-CARE program

Madika Bryant, MA

  • Administrative Director, Practice of Medicine (POM)
  • (650)723-5410
  • Provides administrative oversight of the Practice of Medicine (POM) course
  • Education manager for the first year POM course

Mary Devega

  • Assistant Director of Clerkship Education
  • (650)725-4677
  • Provides administrative management of the clerkship curriculum, including existing and proposed clerkships and programs
  • Manages the Required Clerkship Directors' committee and oversees the Required Clerkship Coordinators' meetings

Audra Gallant

  • Education and Assessment Specialist, Practice of Medicine (POM)
  • (650)497-9549
  • Managing Practice of Medicine course performance evaluations
  • Developing and advising Practice of Medicine course assessments and curriculum development

Donald Matsuda, MD

  • Assistant Director, Pre-Clerkship Education
  • (650)723-1337
  • Provides administrative management of the pre-clerkship curriculum
  • Manages the Pre-Clerkship Course Directors committee
  • Manages the centralized Teaching Assistant selection process

Melanie O’Brien, PhD

  • Science of Medicine (SOM) Course Manager
  • (650)498-4860
  • Manages SOM course content for Canvas and course syllabus
  • Provides support for all SOM lectures, labs, and exams
  • First point of contact for all issues related to SOM

Laura Parra

  • Education Manager, Practice of Medicine (POM) Year 2
  • (650)725-7673
  • Manages the second year Practice of Medicine course (POM)

Lisa Cedeño, MS

  • Clinical Skills Development Coordinator
  • (650)736-2055
  • Provides administrative oversight for Early Clinical Engagement (ECE) and the Student Guidance Program (SGP).

Mohamed Sow, MD

  • Assistant Director, Curriculum Management
  • Analyst, Evaluation and Instructional Development
  • (650)723-5925
  • Provides administrative support across the curriculum, including curriculum working groups evaluations, instructional development and other educational initiatives

Medical Student Promotion

Jared Shields

  • Medical Student Promotion Manager
  • (650)724-6837
  • Reviews the development and performance of each student on an ongoing basis in the areas of the fulfillment of academic, technical, and professional standards
  • Serves as point of contact for the Committee on Performance, Professionalism and Promotion (CP3)

Medical Student Research and Scholarship

Natalie Marino, MA

  • MedScholars Program Administrator, Medical Student Research and Scholarship
  • (650)723-0355
  • Provides administrative support for the Stanford Medical Scholars programs

Celina Ng

  • Assistant Director, Medical Student Research and Scholarship
  • (650)723-7817
  • Manages the Scholarly Concentration Program and Stanford Medical Scholars programs
  • Manages the Scholarly Concentration Directors' committee

Evaluation and Instructional Development

Kiranjit Brar

  • Director, Evaluation and Instructional Development
  • (650)725-5934
  • Oversees research and evaluation of the required MD curriculum, including innovations and new initiatives
  • Manages staff and resources associated with implementing medical education research and evaluation plans
  • Chairs the Clerkship Evaluation Committee (CEC)

Claire Cioni

  • Associate Director for Evaluation
  • (650)724-7508
  • Oversees pre-clerkship and clerkship evaluations
  • Oversees evaluation management system (E*Value/MedHub)

Adam Hain, DET, MA Ed

  • Associate Director of Instructional Development
  • (650)736-7227
  • Leads the Evaluation and Instructional Development team’s collaboration efforts related to instructional support
  • Works with faculty and course administrators to identify and/or create instructional resources and best practices in the service of improvement of course design and instruction


  • Evaluation Research Analyst
  • (650)
  • Analyzes evaluation data for pre-clerkship and clerkship curriculum