Student Wellness Leadership Team

Student Leaders

OMSW oversees the Student Wellness Leadership Team (SWLT), comprised of pre-clerkship and clerkship students who lead wellness programs for their peers. The team consists of several different committees, each focused on a different dimension of wellness (physical, emotional/spiritual, social, intellectual, professional). This group collaborates closely with the Stanford Medical Student Association Wellness Team, a group of students within the medical student governing body who also focus on promoting wellness. Since 2014, student wellness leaders have been instrumental in helping to plan OMSW’s major events and have also developed their own programs including reflection groups, a big sib program, and an advice guide for first-year students.

Mission & Vision

The Student Wellness Leadership Team (SWLT) are change agents within the School of Medicine, building a culture of holistic well‐being by developing initiatives that promote sense of belonging, student empowerment, and self-care. We empower medical students and the broader medical school community to reach their full potential and be bold in their commitment to self‐care and service to others.

Paloma Marin Nevarez, SMS5 and SWLT President

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  • The alarming rates of physician burnout and suicide are a call for help for medical schools to take medical student wellness seriously. Despite being incredibly high-achieving, medical students are nonetheless a vulnerable population with unique mental health and wellness needs. The pressure to be "the best" in an increasingly competitive medical field that highly values test scores and number of publications creates toxic environments where incredibly talented and high-achieving individuals (aka my classmates!) can easily forget how extremely talented they are. With these pressures, along with the stigma associated with seeking mental health care and the shortage of qualified providers,  it is not surprising that physicians are burning out. Medical school should not be where burnout begins, it should be where future doctors are institutionally supported to develop skills and attitudes necessary to survive medical training and beyond. My vision for medical student wellness is that every medical student is mentally and physically healthy, can accomplish their academic and personal goals and has ready access to resources in times of crisis. This vision will involve an inter professional approach where students, staff and faculty from every department in the School of Medicine come together to support students from the day they step foot on campus. My objective is to work closely with our outstanding Office of Medical Student Wellness and with student leadership in SMSA and SUMMA on various projects informed by students, and to collaborate with the upcoming Mental Health Team to create a supportive environment free from stigma.
  • Student Groups: Ears 4 Peers, SUMMA
  • Career Goals:  Emergency Medicine and Academic Medicine