Other Information

Deferral of Matriculation

Accepted applicants may petition in writing for deferral of matriculation. Deferrals may be approved for up to one year for reasons related to the personal and professional circumstances of the admitted applicant and the furtherance of their educational plans. The request for deferral should provide an appropriate degree of detail. Deferrals are granted at the discretion of the Office of PA Admissions.

Submitted Documents

Application materials, once submitted as part of your application, become the property of Stanford University. Materials will not be returned, and copies will not be provided to applicants or released to other institutions. Please keep a copy for your records.

Stanford's Right of Verification

Stanford reserves the right to investigate the authenticity, accuracy, and authorship of materials submitted, information provided, and assertions made in connection with the application.

Stanford reserves the right to withdraw an offer of admission if: (1) An applicant shows a significant drop in academic performance or fails to graduate; (2) There has been a misrepresentation in or breach of the terms of the application; or (3) Stanford learns that an applicant has engaged in behavior prior to the first day of enrolled attendance that indicates a serious lack of judgment or integrity.

Stanford reserves the right to require that applicants provide additional information and/or authorization for the release of information about such matters, or about any matter relating to your application for admission.

Third-Party Websites

Information on third-party websites may not be accurate and is not endorsed or maintained by our program.  Please refer only to our website for up-to-date admission information, including requirements, recommendations, and deadlines.